Release version:    RNEW V1.12.1

Release date:         2021.05.21

Release status:      Deployed

Bug Fixes:

  • [RNEW-136] - Remove JSF UI Warnings

Removed the yellow warning messages on the dashboard pages (Statistics, Finance, Ready for Shipping, Shipped, Fines)

  • [RNEW-139] - Should actually be lazy loaded getClientInstance and getCompanyInstance

 Performance enhancements made on various pages to increase speed

  • [RNEW-140] - Registration Data Red Screen on Dashboard.

Validation rules were enhance to ensure that error is not displayed on new registrations

  • [RNEW-141] - ALV9 Form - Cellphone Number not formatting correctly

  Changed cellphone number format to ensure all 10 digits are completed on the form

  • [RNEW-155] - OCR Process Taking too long and causing Cloudflare issue

       Function has been enhanced to prevent time outs on Cloudflare


  • [RNEW-148] - Copy contact on invoice email

Specified email address has been added as requested

  • [RNEW-89] - Link to upload Id document

Refer to solution article: How to upload ID Document


  • [RNEW-100] - Notify end user where the ill formatted part of the "Vehicle Import Template.xlsx" is

A user friendly error message will inform the user exactly which format issues are preventing the spreadsheet from being processed. e.g. Cell A2 should contain a Gauteng or Limpopo vehicle registration number. 

  • [RNEW-111] - Enhancement to custom report

Requested changes have been made to the report

  • [RNEW-114] - Create renewal company preferences for additional email templates

Create  preferences for the below listed email templates, renewal company and sales rep relationships:

  1. Invoice Payment Reminder 
  2. One week Add Vehicle Email Reminder 
  3. Add Vehicle Email Reminder 
  4. Mandate Reminder Email

  • [RNEW-120] - Signed mandate is not compulsory for invoicing

This preference will allow the renewal company to include active renewal applications, without a signed mandate, in the list of renewal packs printed to obtain the renewal cost from the Post Office.  Upon invoicing we will also check whether or not a mandate has been signed and if not, include the link to sign the mandate in the email body.

  • [RNEW-142] - Add Renewal Cost Improvement for Previously Invoiced

A Scheduled method was added to cancel the renewal when the Invoice has been cancelled for a month, and the Invoice has not been created again.