When You have not yet uploaded a Copy of your ID Document we require you to upload a copy before creating a Vehicle License Renewal Request. 

This same process can be used to replace your existing ID document

1. Once logged into you Vehicle License Renewal Portal, click on the 'Main Menu' icon.

2. Scroll down and select the 'Personal Information' menu item.

3. Under the User Information section, click on the '+ Update ID document" button.

Note: This button will only show if the user has not been invoiced by RenewIT to retrieve their identification document from Home Affairs.

The 'Update Identification Document' pop up screen will appear, by default your 'Identification Type' will be the type that you have selected during the registration phase.

4. Click on the '+ Choose' button to select your identification document and then click on the 'Replace ID document' button.

Your updated ID document will now appear on the dashboard underneath your User Information section.

Now that you have update/uploaded your identification document, you are ready to start your vehicle license renewal.