Bug Fixes

RNEW-417 - eNats JHB Invoices

Modified account holder name on company and individual invoice templates for eNats JHB to be displayed as eNATS Online (PTY) LTD.

RNEW-423 - Adding Vehicle Owner

Vehicle owner dropdown list on the Add Vehicle screen should have no default and must be empty. The client will now be able to select between different vehicle owners with the default value being "Select Owner".

A validation message was also added to make sure the user has selected a vehicle owner.

New Features

RNEW-386 - Show warning message if an existing vehicle gets loaded

A warning message has been implemented that will warn the user that the vehicle that they are trying to upload already exists on the system. This will prevent duplicate vehicle loads.


RNEW-342 - Invoice Note

Added an addition to the note on invoices stating the following: "Please note the amounts indicated may increase should there be any fines or other penalties loaded by the department."

RNEW-414 - Add Main Vehicle Owner and Vehicle Details to email notification

Added main vehicle owner and vehicle registration number to email notification when secondary vehicle owner requests a vehicle renewal.

RNEW-424 - Remove Title

Removed title from registration dialog. User is able to register without having to choose a title. Database needs no change as column 'title' in table 'vehicleowner' can be null.

RNEW-425 - eNats Fees

Altered fees to match total including VAT. Also altered column in Individual Invoice templates as displayed below:

RNEW-428 - Remove branch code on in invoices from all instances

Removed branch code on invoice template for all eNats IDB's.