[RNEW-358] - Sign Mandate Screen Layout

The sign mandate screen has been redesigned to give it a more polished look and feel.

[RNEW-359] - Validation Added to Vehicle Tare Field

Validation have been added specifically to the Vehicle Tare field on the vehicle upload screen that will prohibit users to upload a vehicle with a Tare value of 0.

[RNEW-362] - Passport Field Validation

UI changes have been implemented to change labels when a dropdown list item have been selected. In this case when a user selects Passport as identification type, the the corresponding label will automatically update.

[RNEW-366]  - OCR Functionality in Global Preferences

Bug fixes were implemented to make the license disk OCR function work again in Global Preferences when logged in as an IDB. Previously the OCR function was broken which prohibited an IDB to disable the function.

[RNEW-367] - Company Reference Code

The Company Reference Code selection for both companies and individual are the same dropdown list format.

[RNEW-372] - Renewal Add Cost Query

A bug fix was implemented to fix the Add Renewal Cost function, the function was broken and did not allow users to add renewal costs individually and in bulk to renewals. This is now fixed.

[RNEW-360] - Decimal Format in Lapsed Invoices

Renewal price delimiter in the Managed Lapsed Invoices on the finance tab has been changed from "comma" to a "point".

[RNEW-364]  - Google Autofill added to address fields

Users will be able to use Google's autofill function on addresses when updating the personal address on the dashboard.

[RNEW-353] - User Access Refinement

User Access on the RenewIT system has been refined based on the following rules:

  • RENEWIT-USER: Basic client with create access for their vehicle and renewals 
  • RENEWIT-COMPANY: Replace(rename) RENEWIT-RENEWAL-COMPANY. Used to represent a client company. Access to create vehicles and renewals as well as branches or any additionally required entities for a client company. 
  • RENEWIT-IDB: Replace(rename) RENEWIT-ADMIN. Used to represent an IDB. Access to statistics dashboard and all bound functionality as well as instance access to linked clients. 

System Administrators can now also see everything on the RenewIT back-end.

[RNEW-336] - Calculate Vehicle Cost based on Tare weight.

Renewal costs can now by pre defined as a global setting, IDB's can choose to have this function activated or not. Renewal costs will then be automatically adjusted to these specific rules and generated on an invoice.