[RNEW-291] - Ability for Admin user to create an ALV9 form

[RNEW-298] - Template - Registration Complete

Subject of the email is changed from "RenewIT - Registration Complete" to "<IDB Name> - Registration Completed"

In message of the email is changed from "Thank you for registering on RenewIT" to "Thank you for registering online".

[RNEW-299] - Add vehicle license disk image for reference

[RNEW-311]  - eNATS logo will now be visible on customer instances.

[RNEW-316] - Improvement on Number Plate

System is more consistent now when checking of number plates of vehicles, both individual and company.

[RNEW-320] - Annual reminders

Ability to say "not now" on the recurring mandate page; This basically just cancels all of the recurring renewals until they are manually started again. Ability to manually start a renewal from the dashboard replacing the "view" button with a renew button.

[RNEW-322] - Bank Statement Import Fixes

The following adjustments were made:

  • Random text removed from table.
  • Using the selected payments to process instead of all the payments.
  • Text of input fields are white, which caused the data to be invisible.

[RNEW-335] - BRNC number length differs.

The BRNC number was believed to be 13 characters long, this is not always the case. The system now caters for different lengths of BRNC numbers that can be saved and that the company ALV9 template still generates successfully.

 [RNEW-341] - License Numbers are being saved with an appending space.

License numbers are being saved with an appending space an it causes the system to miss the when look for extensions, this has now been fixed.