Release date:     2021-10-28

The following ticket were included in this release:


After clicking on  the "Cancel Renewal" button, the system did not redirect the user back to the dashboard screen.

  • [RNEW-292] - Make Sales Rep Code compulsory on mobile

The Sales Rep Code was not compulsory on the mobile view, although it was compulsory to desktop users.


The following fields on the registration screen was changed:

  • "Email" changed to "Email Address"
  • "Re-enter again" changed to "Re-enter Email Address"
  • "New Password" changed to "Enter Password"

  • [RNEW-287] - remove tare from mobile vehicle upload

The Tare field was removed from the Add Vehicle screen

Create functionality to bulk upload renewal amounts and create invoices.

The upload should be in the form of an excel spreadsheet equal to the amounts list downloaded in the first step of the IDB's renewal process.