Release version:    RNEW V3.1

Release date:         2021.10.03

With the implementation of the below tickets we have also upgraded our development software version to Primefaces 10 and Java 11. We are excited about all the new opportunities these improved versions will bring to our applications. Some frontend design or layout changes will already be visible to the users, however no system functionality should be affected by this change.

Bug Fixes:

  • [RNEW-256] - do not take physical address into account

Invoices generated with zero amount if the delivery address was not in the same province as the vehicle license. This logic was removed. 

  • [RNEW-257] - Correction of misspelled words in system.

"Disk" has been replaced with "Disc" were applicable

  • [RNEW-280] - Loading screen stopping before OCR is finished

Loading screen stops before OCR is able to finish. Loading screen should only finish after OCR has finished. On individual and company registration.


  • [RNEW-228] - Invoices cancellation at month end

Enhance the invoice cancellation logic to only cancel if the current validation rule is true AND the invoice created date is more than 5 days old.

e.g. An invoice created on 30 July should not be cancelled on 1 Aug.

However an invoice created on 27 July should still be cancelled on 1 Aug.

  • [RNEW-232] - fix secondary mandate portal

A user portal has been implemented to allow the vehicle owner to sign the mandate and the information to be stored accurately and effectively.

Improvements made to the Add vehicle option which allow the user to add multiple vehicles before saving all at once.  The list of vehicle displayed on the screen allows the user to verify the information for any mistakes and to ensure the list is complete.

  • [RNEW-279] - Change company registration wording

Change the following values on the company registration page when adding a proxy's details:

"BRNC Number" should be "Business Registration Number" as per the BRNC document

"BRNC Certificate" should be "BRN Certificate".