Release version:    RNEW V2.1.4

Release date:         2021.08.25

Release status:      Scheduled

Bug Fixes:

  • [RNEW-199] - Renewal company registration

Renewal companies can now register online 

  • [RNEW-209] - ALV Forms

An additional blank page was generating on page 2 of the ALV form after the last release. This page has been removed.

  • [RNEW-217] - Use Business name on invoice

For company registrations the Company name will be printed on the invoice, along with the Proxy's name

  • [RNEW-223] - Renewals has been Created notification should only list new renewals

The email notification "Renewal has been created" has been improved to only include vehicle's 

  • [RNEW-251] - Issues generating packs

The download function of renewal packs has been improved to prevent Timeout errors when downloading multiple packs.