Release version:    RNEW V2.1.2

Release date:         2021.08.17

Release status:      Deployed

Bug Fixes:

  • [RNEW-129] - Auto generate gender 

The profile owner's gender will auto populate if and when a RSA ID number is entered as identity type

  • [RNEW-219] - Hard Code Information Change

The renewal company's name was hard coded in some of the messages. This was changed to use the company name of the IDB linked to the specific renewal

  • [RNEW-238] - Company mandate refers to incorrect renewal company

The template was fixed to use the company name of the IDB linked to the specific renewal

  • [RNEW-240] - Upload multiple vehicles failed

The vehicle upload failed due to a system error which was not visible to the user. This cause of the error was fixed.

  • [RNEW-243] - Fix registration data for company

Multiple users linked to a company profile will now share the same registration data, to ensure that the renewals are linked to the correct renewal company

New Features:

  • [RNEW-202] - Front Page changes

The expiry date of the licence disk is now included on the front page of the renewal packs

  • [RNEW-208] - Remove registration number from Add renewal cost list

The applicable registration number will be removed from the add renewal cost drop down list once the invoice has been generated. 

  • [RNEW-225] - CC both linked IDB and current IDB when invoice is send

The renewal company and its "linked" renewal company will both be copied on the email sent to the vehicle owner on invoicing.

  • [RNEW-242] - ALV form for company registration

An ALV-9 form template has been created for company owned vehicles.


  • [RNEW-190] - Remove Home Affairs integration from registration process

The option to obtain a copy of identification from Home Affairs has been removed after the renewal companies informed us that the Licencing department does not accept this as a valid form of identification


  • [RNEW-197] - Finance Dashboard Use Lazy Loading

This is a performance enhancement on that will result in the Finance pages loading quicker. Administrators will also be able to filter the list on the Invoice number column

  • [RNEW-213] - Improve ID upload process on registration

The following changes were made:

  1. When an individual registers, he/she will be asked to select an identification type and then upload Proof of identification. This is compulsory and the file will be saved as Copy of Identification.
  2. The label on the registration page is changed to Proof of Identification which will include RSA ID card, RSA ID book and RSA licence card and passports of any country)
  3. The system will attempt to auto populate any personal info required, based on the text found on the uploaded image. The user will still be able to enter any missing information.

  • [RNEW-215] - No Mandate created after client signed online

Improvements were made to ensure that the mandate is saved to the correct vehicle owner, if multiple owners exist.

  • [RNEW-221] - Improve processing messages on Adding Customer Vehicle

The messages displayed on uploading of the vehicle licence disk has been improve to inform the client whether the upload and processing was successful or not

  • [RNEW-222] - Improve company registration process

Improve registration process to ensure correct vehicle owner is linked