Release version:    RNEW V1.12.2

Release date:         2021.05.30

Release status:      Deployed

Bug Fixes:

    * [RNEW-149] - Download option next to invoice not working

    * [RNEW-160] - Print List File change name

    * [RNEW-161] - Links on email template not working

New Feature:

    * [RNEW-137] - Ability to setup a reduced admin fee for multiple renewals

    * [RNEW-120] - Signed mandate is not compulsory for invoicing


    * [RNEW-148] - Copy communication email on invoice email

    * [RNEW-162] - LicenceZA testing issues

    * [RNEW-168] - Investigation -  Can’t download renewal pack for HB40WYGP