When, during any stage of the License Renewal Life cycle, you would want to cancel the License Renewal process, you can simply follow these easy steps:

During Mandate Sign Process:

  1. When Uploading your Vehicle Details you will be redirected to sign the Mandate Document
  2. On the "Sign Mandate Document" page click on the "Cancel Renewal" button
  3. When Sending the Mandate document to the Vehicle Owner, the owner also has the change of cancelling the Licence Renewal as well.

After Uploading Vehicle Process Completed

  1. When you have uploaded your vehicle and signed the Mandate document and you want to cancel the Licence Renewal
  2. Click on the Main menu Item
  3. Click on the "License Renewals" menu item
  4. Click on the "Vehicle License Renewals" Menu Item
  5. Select the Renewal you want to cancel
  6. Click on the "Cancel Renewal" button