With large companies, there might be different branches located throughout the country where vehicle license renewals will have to be done.

To create a branch complete the following steps:

1. On your company dashboard, click on the 'Add New Branch' option.

2. Complete the 'Branch Details' section

Note: with multiple branches, enter your Company Trading Name as follows: "Test Company (Johannesburg CBD)"

3. Enter the delivery address where this specific branch's vehicle licenses will have to be delivered to.

4. Complete the 'License Renewal Required Documents' Section

  • Enter your BRNC Number
  • Upload the company's BRNC Certificate
  • Upload the identification document of the company's proxy

After you have entered all the required information ,click on the 'Save Branch' button.

Note: The BRNC number is the main identification number accepted for road traffic organization on the National Traffic Information System (NATIS) for foreigners and organization that serves as a non-legal person. The organization must also identify a representative for every branch or separate address of the business/organization.