Please keep in mind that only vehicles registered in Gauteng (extension GP) and Mpumalanga (extension MP) can be renewed at this time.

** Serviced provinces are dependent on the selected license renewal company**

In the case where vehicle details were added incorrectly, you can disable the vehicle and add the vehicle again with the correct details on the system.

Note: RenewIT requires you to do it in this manner rather than to edit the existing vehicle in order to minimize fraud opportunities.

To disable a vehicle, complete the following steps:

1. Log in to the RenewIT dashboard with your email address and password.

2. On the side menu, click on the 'Home' icon and then on the 'Your Vehicles' menu item.

Your vehicle dashboard will appear that will list all the vehicles that you have registered on the system, navigate to the far right of the dashboard and click on the arrow icon as illustrated in the image below:

The screen will appear where all you vehicle's license information has been captured, click on the 'Disable Vehicle' button.

Click 'Yes" on the confirmation pop-up message.

The selected vehicle will now be disabled from the system and will no longer appear on your vehicle registration dashboard.